Sunday, October 15, 2006

The True Path - Part 2 - Pokémon fanfics

Poliwag!Bubble attack!" cried a young pokemon trainer. His faithful tadpole pokemon released a shower of bubbles on a tiny bird. "Pid-geeeeeey!"the pokemon cried out as the powerful bubbles popped against its body. Zander Starling stared as the Pidgey flapped its wings harder and harder,creating a strong wind. "Oh-no! It's gust attack!"he cried out. He stared as his Poliwag was being blown back. Suddenly Zander got an idea. "Poliwag!Use water gun on that tree and rocket yourself back into Pidgey!". The pokemon obeyed and let loose a cascade of water onto a tree and shot itself back into the Pidgey, making it faint. "Great work Poliwag!"the twelve year old from Cerulean cried. His Poliwag had started out weak, at a low level, but Zander had been fighting wild pokemon whenever he saw them. It was about noontime. He had the rest of the day to travel down route one to viridian city. He recalled his Poliwag and continued down the road. He hadn't seen a pokemon worth catching all morning, he just hoped he would see one by the end of the day. Zander stopped by a stream."I think Poliwag deserves a swim"he said aloud to himself. He released Poliwag and watched it splash in the shallows. He smiled at the happy pokemon. He yawned loudly. "Gee I wish I hadn't gotten up so early this morning". He removed his backback, lay down on the grass, and pulled his hat down over his face. He fell asleep listening to his Poliwag swimming around happily and splashing water around. Zander awoke to his Poliwag splashing water on him. "WHA-mmmph". Poliwag put its tail over his mouth so he wouldn't yell. There was silence for a moment until Zander heard voices coming from a ways away, and then a large explosion. "What's that?"he asked himself. He crawled over to a row of bushes, he parted them and peered through. He was not prepared for what he saw. Two women in black uniforms with a red R imprinted on them stood over a young girl wearing shorts and a red tanktop with brunette hair. Beside them were two pokemon,Two large eared dinosaur/rodents. The only difference between them was one was blue, the other was purple. "Niiii-doran!" they cried in unison. They stood triumphantly over a blue-green plantlike pokemon."Odd..." it sighed, unable to move. Zander already knew what the defeated pokemon was, it was an Oddish. He took his pokedex out of his pocket, and aimed it at the two other pokemon. On the screen it showed a picture of the two pokemon, along with a bar showing their health. The mechanical voice spoke"Nidoran Male and Nidoran Female, poison pokemon, these two pokemon have poison barbs over their bodies which will poison their enemies if they get too close". Both pokemon's health bar were only a little over half full. "Team Rocket..." he whispered. One of the women laughed. "You actually thought you could beat us?". The other woman who had shorter hair chuckled."Hand over your pathetic pokemon!".She smiled mischeviously. "You cannot beat the infamous Kathy and Megan of Team Rocket!". The girl who had been silent up to this point snarled. "I'll never give up my pokemon to creeps like you!". The two team rocket members moved in on the girl. This was when Zander decided to intervene. "Poliwag, Water Gun!"he yelled. The stream of water drove the two thieves and their pokemon into a tree. "What?!" cried the short haired Team Rocket member who had introduced herself as Kathy. The two Nidoran shook off the blow they had taken and charged Poliwag. "Hypnosis now!"Zander cried. The swirl on poliwag's stomach began to turn, and the two enemies eyes began to droop, until finally they fell asleep. The girl stared in fascination. Zander glared at the two pokemon thieves. " Is that all you've got?". "I wanted a challenge!". The twosome scowled. The one called Megan replied."we'll be back. She threw a round black orb, and the area filled with smoke. When it cleared only Zander the girl Oddish and Poliwag remained.He helped the girl up. She smiled at him and thanked him for saving her. "My name's Lana"she said. "This here's my Oddish" she gestured toward the plantlike pokemon who was playing tag with poliwag. Zander smiled back. "where are you headed?" he asked. "Viridian, I'm from Vermilion, I came to Pallet to get my starter pokemon this morning" she replied. "me too" Zander stated. " I'm from Cerulean". "however I got a late start". Zander realized she had gotten to Oak's after him but had caught up because he had taken a nap. "well our pokemon seem to get along"Lana smiled, looking at the two pokemon chasing each other around the clearing. Zander nodded. "Can I travel with you for awhile?"Lana asked. "So if team rocket ambushes me again we can take them on so it isn't two on one?". "Sure" Zander said. " I was about to ask you the same thing!". She grinned. "Cool". They recalled their pokemon and continued down the road to Viridian.

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