Sunday, October 15, 2006

The True Path - Part 1 - Pokémon fanfics

In the quiet town of Pallet a shop owner had gotten out of bed early to clean his shop. He stopped his brooming and stared out the window of his store at a young boy walking up the street toward Professor Oak's laboratory. The boy wore a silver windbreaker and a pair of jeans . He wore a blue bucket hat over his brown hair. A backpack hung over his shoulder, on the side there was a red and white orb with the words Pokemon League over it. The shopkeeper assumed he was beginning his pokemon journey this morning, and went back to sweeping his floor. Zander was happy he had decided to wear his coat, it was colder here in Pallet than it was back in Cerulean. His mind wandered back there to his family. His parents and his older sister, Carol, wondering what pokemon he would choose, and how he would do on his pokemon journey. The twelve year old stared up at the famous Oak Laboratory. He ascended the steps and stood in front of the door. He could see his breath as he sighed, excited about beginning his pokemon journey. He saw a doorbell to the left of the doorway, he pressed it, his finger trembling with anticipation. He heard a bell ring inside."Who is it?" said a voice. Startled, Zander looked around for the source of the voice." E-excuse me?" Zander spoke nervously. " I asked who you are,"the voice spoke again. "I'm speaking to you over the speakers, they're right next to the door,". Zander spotted them. " Oh i see them,". he replied. " I'm Zander Starling, I'm here to pick a starter pokemon,". The voice chuckled,". Sorry about all that, come inside". He turned the handle and stepped inside. He looked around but saw the man who spoke over the speaker nowhere to be seen. A middle aged man came out a door into the hall and walked over to him. " I'm Professor Oak" he said shaking Zander's hand. The boy's mouth hung open. " I can't believe I'm talking with Professor Oak!". The professor smiled down at him. "So shall we go and get you a starter pokemon?". Zander nodded, his mouth still open. "Right this way" the professor turned and led Him down the hallway to a door. He opened it and they stepped inside. Zander looked around at the many shelves lined with books, and a computer over in the corner. But what really caught his eye was the table in the center of the room with several red and white orbs, known as pokeballs. He rushed over to it and read each name plate beneath each ball. The professor liked Zander, he thought enthusiasm was important in a trainer. The boy held two pokeballs in his hands, he had narrowed his choice down to these two. "Poliwag or Oddish" he mumbled to himself. He thought of their evolutions, attacks, and strength. Eventually he set down the pokeball containing Oddish and picked up Poliwag's. "I've made a choice professor". "What is it?". Zander tossed the ball from hand to hand."A Poliwag". The professor nodded. "Good choice". the boy pressed a gray button the pokeball and in a flash of white light a dark blue figure appeared, resembling a tadpole with a swirl on its stomach . "Po-liwag!" the creature cried. It stared up at Zander loking him over, it finally went over and jumped up and down. telling Zander to pick it up.He reached down and the pokemon stepped into his arms. "Hey little guy, you and me are gonna be great friends!". "Poliwag!" the pokemon agreed. Oak patted the Poliwag on the head. " The professor reached into his pocket and retrieved a red device. "here is your pokedex"he stated. "It tells th levels,attacks,and stats of pokemon". Zander grinned."Thanks, I'm gonna be needing it on my journey. Oak looked at his wristwatch. "You should get going, you'll want to get to Viridian by nightfall, it's a long trip". Zander nodded. He pressed the gray button again and a red beam of light returned Poliwag to the pokeball. Oak walked Zander to the door.The boy thanked him and set off down the road to the town limits. Zander's pokemon journey had begun.

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