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Krisalis Software - Company Profiles

Formerly known as Teque, Krisalis was a leading UK developer and publisher of quality strategy and soccer games. Here's a brief profile from the company's website back in 1996: "As well as producing games for Spectrum, Amiga, ST and many consoles, Krisalis was an ardent supporter of the slightly neglected Archimedes market. Krisalis brought major games created by other companies to Archimedes owners that they would have otherwise missed out on such as Chuck Rock, Populous, James Pond, Lemmings and Lotus Challenge. The number of people employed by Krisalis has continued to increase steadily over the years, and the number of staff on the Krisalis books now nears 40. As the numbers increased, so did the need for more office space, and so 1996 saw the expansion into adjacent buildings. As computers and consoles have come & gone, so Krisalis have evolved and looked to the next wave of machines. From development of games for Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC and MSX, through Amiga, ST, Megadrive, Archimedes, SNES and 3D0, we are now focused on both original titles and conversions for Playstation and Dreamcast. Nobody can tell what's coming next, but Krisalis will certainly be there. Generally, Krisalis are feeling very positive towards the Jaguar and think that if Atari can get enough machines into the market place, backed up with sufficient marketing, then it could be a great success. However, if they delay much longer then Sony may well steal this success away from them. Timing and marketing will prove to be crucial factors. Krisalis do see themselves as pioneers, and are already planning to release three Jaguar titles. Those currently in development include the highly-acclaimed platformer Soccer Kid and Battle Chess for other publishers. Work is also about to commence on a new football game. Krisalis believe that if developers don't commit to the Jaguar at this early stage it could well damage the console's changes. It's a good product. It's got good press. It has been very well received. They should go for it."
Tony Kavanagh (Managing Director)

From 2001 and until 2003 Krisalis games were published by The 3DO Company.

Games Published

Arabian Nights
Sabre Team A1200

Amiga CD32
John Barnes Football
Soccer Kid

Laser Squad
Sabre Team

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Manchester United
Manchester United Europe

Games Developed

Cannon Fodder

Arabian Nights
Sabre Team A1200

Nintendo 64
Airport Inc.

Airport Tycoon
Laser Squad
Lego Land
Sabre Team

Black & White

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Manchester United Europe

Super NES
The Adventures of Kid Kleets (Soccer Kid)


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